How To Build Marine Engines

Rebuilding top quality boat engines is not a job that everyone can easily handle. We know this because it has become commonplace in the industry for many to pass off rebuilt auto engines as marine engines. It may be less expensive to rebuild auto engines - and therefore less expensive for customers - but ultimately this is not a practice that is in line with our quality standards. Auto engines do not deliver the power that boats need. We guarantee that our engines are 100% marine engines and our customers only benefit from this higher level of quality. In our rebuilding of marine engines we deliver a number of benefits including:

  • In-house rebuilds. All of our marine engines are remanufactured right here in our factory. This not only allows us to completely control the process, it allows us to pass on money saving, factory-direct prices to our customers.

  • Experience and skill. The reason that we are able to deliver such high quality workmanship is because of the team behind our company. They are skilled craftsmen who know marine engines inside and out and their expertise only benefits our customers. Further, our company has been in business for twenty-five years which has allowed us to refine our products and services over the years.

  • High quality components that equal high quality rebuilt marine engines. All of our marine engines come with new rings, new springs, new pistons, new valves, new push rods, new timing set, new rockers, new brass freeze plugs, new push rods, new bearings, and new lifters. Head castings, crankshafts, camshafts, and rods are all machined back to marine engine specifications and blocks are bored oversize.

  • Quality Control. Our dedicated inspection and testing process allows us to monitor marine engine manufacturing from start to finish. There is nothing that we miss; no detail that is overlooked. It is our stringent Quality Control standards that truly set us apart.

  • Exceptional warranty. What good is quality work if those who perform the work are not willing to stand behind it? We believe strongly in what we do and we always stand behind our work as evidenced by our comprehensive warranty that has led the industry.


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